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Sage 50 Accounts Subscription

Sage 50 Accounts Software is designed to help established small- and medium-sized businesses manage their accounts with ease, efficiency and accuracy. The software is now available on a monthly subscription basis to help users improve cash flow. The subscription fee also covers software upgrade costs.

What new features does it offer?

The latest version of Sage 50 Accounts Software offers several new features including:

  • Real-time data sharing: there’s no need to wait for files to transfer to your accountant*
  • Backup Manager: data is automatically backed up, meaning users no longer need to log out of the system to run a backup
  • Improved user interface: the new design makes the software simpler to use and allows you to hide unimportant information and tasks, allowing you to navigate it in half the time
  • New Sage 50 Accounts mobile apps: these help business managers and sales teams understand performance while working remotely*

*Additional charges may apply after first 12 months

What are the main business benefits?

Sage 50 Accounts Plus provides you with accurate insights into how your business is performing, allowing you to spend less time crunching numbers and more time finding new ways to drive business success. Not only does the software automate manual tasks and data back-up processes, but it also allows you to:

  • Manage customer and supplier accounts centrally: create and find contact details and monitor interaction history for both customers and suppliers.
  • Control cash flow: view and process outstanding payments from customers, and manage your payments to suppliers.
  • Analyse profit margins easily: advanced reports help you to quickly evaluate your profit and loss to identify the areas where you are making and losing money.
  • Monitor budgets: analyse individual departments’ performance against the budget and make more accurate adjustments or business decisions based on up-to-date insights.
  • Comply with VAT legislation: Sage 50 Accounts takes the worry out of calculating VAT and meeting the latest VAT requirements.
  • Manage stock levels: you can set up automatic reminders to replenish stock when levels are low.
  • Access instant technical support: our wide selection of easy-to-follow guides and videos guide you through processes and features.
  • Receive free software upgrades: your Sage 50 Accounts software will automatically update when a new version is released.
  • Remote access via Sage Drive: data is stored in the cloud to enable multiple users* to access Sage accounts remotely from various devices and see edits in real time.

*Additional charges may apply


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