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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” (Benjamin Franklin).

AutoMarker® (click link to download our leaflet) provides rapid formative and summative feedback that significantly improves the learning experience.

“Formative assessment has more effect on learning than any other single factor (including prior learning)”*

Sage AutoMarker


Effective formative assessment leads to:

  • increased engagement and motivation
  • higher success rates


Watch a demonstration of the AutoMarker®   and see how it works by clicking this link

Our system allows students to immediately check they are on track throughout their learning journey.

AutoMarker® enables learners to, at the press of a button, to submit the data from their software, where it will be assessed by the unique automarking testing software.

The student will receive feedback automatically detailing where they have made mistakes (marked in red) and what is required to correct the data.

Learners benefit from knowing straight away if they are on-track, therefore providing invaluable reassurance and motivation.

This way of assessing students work also ensures validity, quality, authenticity, and robustness of the results and can therefore confidently used for both formative and summative testing (where data results can be restricted or prohibited).

As part of their effort during the COVID-19 crisis, Sage Qualifications developed Remote Invigilation which they integrated into their portal, because of the requirement for students to sit end assessments in an invigilated environment.

Throughout the pandemic remote assessment enabled many thousands of stranded and isolated students to complete their degree course or qualification at home. As many students had returned over-seas, this meant dealing with different time zones.

Together, the combination of AutoMarker® and Remote invigilation transforms the way you can support and assess learners who are completing Sage Qualifications.

* 4 year study by Black and William (King’s College London) 1998

To learn about how AutoMarker is being used by Manchester Metropolitan University, read the MMU press release on the Sage website.