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Find out what some of our educational partners have to say about our service!

Birmingham city university logo

“Sage Qualifications’ customer service is, during normal times, nothing short of exceptional. If there was a 5-star system to rate their service it would easily be 5 stars plus for their overall quality, flexibility, promptness and a genuine sense of caring for their customers.
But during the Covid-19 crisis that was suddenly upon us, their support and adaptability was beyond any conceivable expectations.

A new course was developed quickly to allow students with limited domestic technical facilities not to miss out on Sage Accounts study, a course that was now exclusively home-based -taught and -assessed, a transition that had to be planned and delivered in a week. Without the fantastic support of Sage Qualifications, which included open contact at weekends, this transition would not have been possible. Out of all of this, the most important factor in all this hard work is the student. All stops were pulled out to give our students at least one additional step to prepare them for the new post-Covid-19 world. For this I could not commend and recommend Sage Qualifications enough.”
Paul Caulfield, Teaching Fellow, Birmingham City University
Find out more by reading the case study about our work with Birmingham City University

University of South Wales logo

“Sage Qualifications are always fantastic to work with, but their efficiency and dedication have really shone through during these unprecedented times [during the coronavirus pandemic]. They have enabled students to continue with their studies, gain qualifications and provided alternatives where needed. As an educator, I am extremely grateful for the support received to maintain normalcy for my students.”
Kristy Elias, University of South Wales

Edge Hill University Logo

“The help that Sage Qualifications have provided during the coronavirus outbreak has been invaluable. Sage staff reply to emails promptly and professionally, have offered additional test dates and alternative methods of assessment to accommodate the changing circumstances. Our university students have been able to continue their Sage studies at home, knowing that the Sage staff have been extremely supportive and encouraging. Thank you!”
Wendy Gallagher, Edge Hill University

Middlesex University Logo

“The team at Sage Qualifications have been very supportive and professional in the provision of CIMA Accredited Sage online course and assessment for our students. Our students appreciate this opportunity very much, and the skillsets they gained from this course has proven crucial in their employment. The teaching materials provided are very comprehensive, the assessment tools are effective and adaptable in measuring and recognising our students’ achievements.

Over our years of collaboration, Middlesex University and Sage Qualifications established Sage prizes to recognise outstanding student achievement. We really appreciate this learning collaboration with Sage Qualifications and are looking forward to developing this partnership further.”
Sally Wang, Middlesex University


“Sage Qualifications are brilliant for online learning to achieve accredited qualifications with online testing and immediate results. The qualifications provide hands-on skills for employability. Sage Qualifications have been a great help to TDLC during the Covid-19 pandemic – their flexibility and ideas for different ways that we can continue to provide services to our learners has been invaluable.”
Nigel Copleston, TDLC Training

University of Lincolnshire Logo

“We have been working with Sage Qualifications in a classroom teaching situation. The support has been great, and the students have benefited from learning Sage and getting certifiable evidence of progress, which makes them more employable and certainly helps with getting a placement. Because their studying is ongoing, we have had to switch them to working from home with the Sage download and their regular access to learning material.

Sage Qualifications ensured that all those who needed it had access to Sage and the key point assessments, which we easily invigilated in class have now been set up to run online in various windows so the students can still hit the certification milestones in a controlled environment. Thankfully many more than usual are progressing further with their learning, making good use of their time and the excellent resources available.”
Neil Sutcliffe, University of Central Lancashire

E-Careers Logo

“We have been working with Sage Qualifications since 2011 – and since that time our market with them has grown exponentially. The Sage brand increases employability and the learners love the fact that they are using Sage software in their own home, studying at their own speed and in their own time. The learning materials are easy to follow with lots of on-screen help and model answers which enables the learners to keep on track with their progress.

I love the fact that we, at e-Careers, are able to monitor the learners work and make comments on the reports they produce. There are case studies and tests the students can use to practice their skills and the certification from Sage UK is an invaluable asset to the learner’s CV. It means an employer knows this learner can ‘hit the ground running’.”
Mike Kirkham, e-Careers

Leeds Beckett University Logo

“Our University has consistently been a big supporter of the programmes run by SAGE Qualifications and this year’s students results arising from significant efforts by the team this year and last were extraordinarily pleasing. I wanted to give my thanks on behalf of the team and the University for the support Fiona and Elspeth responsiveness in helping our team with the challenges that inevitably crop up in running a programme of this scale. The help provided during the coronavirus outbreak has been invaluable to accommodate at home and distance virtual learning for our students to continue their Sage studies. Sage Qualification staff reply to emails promptly and professionally, have offered additional test dates and alternative methods of assessment to accommodate the changing circumstances.

Our students certificates were held at the university office during the crisis and therefore the students could not access them. To help with this situation, Sage Qualifications enabled digital badges on the portal so that our students could prove their certification via a digital badge which gives the potential employer the details of the award achieved, the date and the exam they passed. Sage Qualification learning activities create and boost a mixture of soft skills and hard skills to enhance our students employability. For instance, hard skills use of Accounting (SAGE) Software to a professional level and soft skills independent learning skill and time management skills. Therefore, a thank you will come tacitly from our students who progress more equipped for the challenges of the real world than otherwise be the case! ”
Leeds Beckett University

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