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Online Learning Materials for AAT delivery with Remote Invigilated Testing to enable an Exemption for Level 2 Using Accounting Software Unit (UACS) of the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting

See list of exemptions on the AAT website

We have a long history of successful delivery of learning materials and practice assessments (electronically marked) with Sage certification to AAT students.

We are now able to offer remote invigilated assessment which will provide an exemption for the Level 2 Using Accounting Software unit of the AAT Level 2 Foundation Award in Accounting.

How does it work?

Sage Qualifications are delivered via our E-Learning Portal, which can be accessed directly, fully integrated with compatible sites. All students receive their own copy of the latest version of Sage 50c Accounts Professional, the premium version of Sage's desktop accounting solution or, if preferred, Sage’s cloud software, Sage Business Cloud.

The software is given as a 6-month licence for every student and the portal has full tutor tracking and optional marking - grading and feedback. Students can be grouped for ease of access.

Our E-Learning Portal provides access to colourful and comprehensive online learning materials, which includes tasks and activities, model answers, videos, quizzes, formative tests, and practice simulations.

Remote Invigilation

  • Timed assessment can be taken at home by access code given to the tutor
  • Assessments are recorded for remote invigilation and verification
  • Upon successful completion the Sage Qualifications Exemption Certificate is released to the student to send to AAT and claim exemption
  • Sage Digital Badge is released
  • All assessments are marked by the portal
  • These assessments will change regularly to ensure validity

Download more information about the AAT Sage Remote Invigilation Process.

The benefits

The remote invigilation can be taken at home and will act as an exemption for the AAT Level 2 UACS unit which means the student does not have to travel to an exam centre.

In addition, the provider does not have to find an assessor or an Internal verifier as is the case with RPL. The certificate can be sent directly to AAT customer support to claim the exemption.

Backed by the powerful Sage brand, these courses can increase and strengthen students' employment prospects. Up-to-date digital accounting skills are highly relevant to employers, even where Sage is not the chosen software for the organisation.

For colleges, these courses can save time, money, and resources.

All tutors on the course have access to a tutor login to track student progress, access the students work, mark as competent, make comments, and see results

“All accounting concepts are explained clearly and concisely”

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