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Sage 50 Accounts Education Licence

The Sage 50 Accounts Education licence is available for classroom use.

Two different types of Sage Education licences are available:

  • Sage Education Packs for the classroom
  • Sage Student Study Packs for students to use at home

Who can buy a Sage Education licence?
Sage Education licences can be purchased by:

  • Government-recognised educational establishments in the independent or public sector
  • Non-profit full-time teaching institutions that are non-academic/non-government recognised
  • Charitable organisations focused on advancing education or vocational training.

How many licences do I need?
The software can be installed on multiple PCs at a single training site. For use at multiple sites, a separate Education licence will need to be purchased for each separate site location.

How many users can work with the software?
The software is designed to be installed locally on each PC (on as many PC's as you have avaiable for student use on the site) giving each user access to up to five individual sets of company data. It includes a single-user licence, allowing only one person to work with a set of company data any time.

Is the Education licence suitable for use across a PC network?
The Education licence is installed on each PC’s local hard drive and it allows only one person to access a company data file at a time. This means it may not be suitable for use with classroom PCs on a terminal or Citrix server.

Who can buy the Sage Student Study Pack?
If your establishment is using a Sage Education Pack to teach students, you can order a Sage Student Study Pack on students’ behalf to help them practice or do homework tasks.  Please drop us an email for more information about this software.

Type: Educational Software
Course topic: Accounts
Awarding body:
Category: Universities, Private Providers, Offender Learning, Retail