COVID 19 Provision

When the UK Government announced that there would be a national lockdown early in 2020 Sage Qualifications immediately worked to find a solution to the hundreds of learners (and their tutors) who were left without access to learning.


We created an online course that was cost effective and allowed AAT students to continue learning of the UACS unit in the AAT Foundation Certificate. Please click here for more information regarding this offer.

AEB/Funded Provision

We also have RQF Qualifications that are fundable – all learning and assessment is online with immediate results. Please click here for information regarding our AEB/Funded qualifications

Remote Invigilation

Following on from this, we decided that just offering online courses was not enough, students and providers also needed a solution in order sit examinations. Sage Qualifications created an online invigilation system that can be used anywhere if a learner has access to the internet and a webcam. No need for students to travel to a centre

Remote Invigilation provision - non Sage Qualifications students –(for other courses)

We can offer the invigilation system to organisations that are not offering Sage Qualifications courses to suit individual organisation’s other requirements.

If you have examinations that you think we can help with, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.

Please click here to find out more about Remote Invigilation from Sage Qualifications. 

Sage AutoMarker

Our Innovative Sage Automarker will mark students data by looking at the entries they have made in their software and automatically mark it against the marking scheme.

  • Right answers are indicated in green
  • Incorrect answers are indicated in red, with the right answer given
  • Blue answers are noted as not marked but the correct answer is provided 


The Sage Automarker makes teaching and learning easier for both tutors and learners. Please click here to find more information about this exciting new innovation