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About us

Sage Qualifications is Sage UK’s official National Accredited Education Programme.

Our range of online learning courses are designed for individuals who want to improve their skills in the use of Sage software for accounting and payroll, and work towards an accredited qualification.

Course content is prepared and stringently reviewed coming directly from Sage UK. The materials are continually updated as the software improves, with the aim of giving our learners a complete range of skills and capabilities, plus the knowledge and confidence to use the full functionality of Sage software for accounting and payroll. This hands-on experience allows our learners to excel in the workplace.

We partner with a wide range of learning providers, universities and awarding bodies, giving learners the freedom to choose a course that suits their requirements. We have currently over 12,000 learners on our E-Learning Portal.

Our partnerships

Sage Qualifications is the only qualifications provider in the UK that develops its courses in full collaboration with Sage, Awarding Organisations and Professional Bodies to deliver fully accredited training and qualifications.

Our dedicated contact at Sage is:
Tim O’ Reilly
Head of Education - Sage UK

Our history

In 2005, we created the concept of benchmarked skills in the use of Sage with the aim of enabling businesses to have better control and information about their performance. Three years of research, development and piloting followed and we pioneered the development of the Sage Accredited Qualifications programme together with our awarding body partners.

Sage Qualifications has since developed an E-Learning Portal from which all of our courses can be delivered. Our learners also receive the latest version of the relevant Sage software for the duration of their course.

Working for you

We offer a free service for learners to find a course that is right for you – complete with resources including workbooks, practice simulations, self-test activities, model answers and start files. To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

About Sage Qualifications

We are the innovator and creator of Sage UK’s national accredited qualification programme. We have developed a range of online learning programmes and qualifications for individuals, colleges and universities who want to improve and accredit their skills in the use of Sage software for accounting and payroll. Learn more about us >

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